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I've just seen this on a JISC email list:

"Registration for the distance Master's programme in Digital Library and Information Services (Library and Information Science, 120 ECTS) offered by Swedish School of Library Science at the University of Borås starts on December 1, 2008 and finishes on January 15, 2009.
The programme is targeting library and information professionals working with digital resources and services. It is conducted in English as a half-time distance programme with one residential period in Borås each term. To enter the programme a student must have a Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS) in any discipline, or an equivalent education, and good knowledge of English.
The tuition is free of charge for all students, regardless of their place of residence or nationality. The students have to cover travel and accommodation expenses for residential periods themselves. For more information and registration procedure, please, check"

This seems to be too good to be true. A fee-free, part-time, mostly distance-learning Master's degree? The only downside I can think of is the lack of CILIP accreditation. Is anyone else studing for a non-UK degree or is considering this one? Anyone think it is a good idea? I must say I'm very tempted to apply: I'm really interested in the area (digital library services) and like the idea of a few trips to Sweden.
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Thanks to the people who gave me advice, I've been accepted onto the MA in Library and Information Management at Manchester Metropolitan University, starting in September. I'm really excited! :)
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On Money

A few questions for library school students (and ex- or prospective students)

How are you paying your way through your library/info course? (Career development loans? Funding? Parents?)

Are you working? Full/part-time?

How much debt do you think you'll be in by the time you graduate?


Any help would be great

Hi I'm Rachel and I'm planning to apply for the MA Library and Information Management at Manchester Met. This is no prior experience required course and I'm hoping they mean this as I don't have any library experience. This is not for want of trying as I've applied for quite a few LA jobs but have been told I don't have enough experience.

As none of the libraries where I live in Sheffield seem to take volunteers it remains a Catch 22 situation. I do have a degree in English but didn't finish it til 2005 due to my long term health problems. Since then I have been doing voluntary work at various charities and then started applying for library jobs.

I've thought about applying for the Graduate Traineeship but I think I would find it hard going going from working p/t to a f/t job, I would imagine the MA will be less hours.

Does anyone have any advice or applied to an MA with no prior experience? Would anyone mind giving me some ideas for my application? This what I've always wanted to do and I really want to make a go of it, even if it is somewhat against the odds. Thanks.

New CILIP Graduate Trainee Forum

Thought it might be a good idea to put up a post about Chapter One here, if only for the record - it's the trainee oriented network established by CILIP, and the associated forum is open to all (CILIP members or not) who are in or thinking of applying to a graduate traineeship. The link is or it can be viewed under the CILIP communities - it's the only visible forum for non-CILIP members, or those that aren't logged into the site.

Still starting out at the time of writing, but might be a useful resource in the long-term.

Library school applications

Okay, stereotypical library school community question - when did people start applying for the courses they're on?

Everywhere seems rather vague with its guidelines, and I'm thinking of applying at the start of November (holding off until I know what the outcome of my previous course is, as it will be easier to fill in forms that way!).

However, are there any benefits with getting in super-early? Did people get acknowledgements / responses to their applications if they sent them in early, or did they feel like they all sat on a table somewhere until a certain date? I'd be interested to know.
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Graduate Traineeship.

I thought it might be good to hear people's opinions/experiences with Graduate Traineeship.

I'll start: I haven't done one.

The only place near to me that used to do them (Sheffield) stopped doing them last year. Great. So I just stuck with my job as a library assistant, and used this experience to get onto the course of my choice. All good. Well, I'm not sure.

In my job I do all the usual issuing/shelving/processing/answering easy questions that assistants tend to do. I am also occasionally given a project, such as the BIALL exchange, writing documents for the intranet, organising stats etc. But as for the nitty-gritty stuff- budget, cataloguing, and tricky reference queries? My boss does those. Which worries me a little. I can't help but think that someone in a Graduate Traineeship would have at least had a go at the more complex stuff in a library and thus be better prepared for an MA.

What do you think? How did your Graduate Traineeship (or lack of) affect you?